Hey there, my passion has always been the mind, how amazingly complex the mind is and how we can use it to achieve the things that truly make us happy. On my journey as a trainer, motivator, compere and designer of several signature interventions I have influenced over 25,000 people and I am just getting started.

My career as an influencer has allowed me to interact with many amazing crazy people through individual development, personality development, motivation, team development, adventure based learning, leadership, creativity and other soft skills training programmes.

My main areas of interest include human interaction, interpersonal relationships and challenging paradigms; aspects I immersively includes in my training/motivation sessions in order to create interactivity as well as to stimulate alternative thinking amongst participants.

I absolutely love pushing my limits as well as yours; constantly challenging social norms and practices. I hope we get to meet and have a few perspective changing conversations!


I am honoured to have had the opportunity to influence thousands of people from diverse corporate backgrounds as a corporate trainer and motivation expert. As a trainer, my focus is on ultimately helping people to find happiness in what they do by breaking away from conditioning. As a motivational trainer, my goal is to build confidence and help push boundaries through audience engagement, interpersonal relationship building, and by challenging paradigms.

I believe that the aspect that I would consider the highlight of my sessions stems from my penchant towards human interaction that makes each session not just fun, but also offers encouragement that enables you carry home the core messages and stay motivated.

In addition to my personality building training programs, I am also super stoked about working with 361 Degrees (Wild Drift), Sri Lanka’s largest Training and Engagement organisation where I deliver programmes in the areas of Adventure Based Team Building, Soft Skills, Creativity, and Team Dynamics.


Keeping the crowd entertained? Check.

Maintaining momentum? Check. Creating the right ambiance? Check.

I believe in a minimalist approach that focuses on highlighting the event rather than long talk segments. I love breaking away from how people have traditionally seen comperes and infusing humour at any given chance, mixing up languages to keep the talk segments fresh and always engaging with the audience to make sure everyone is at the same frequency.

I have had the honour of working with some amazing clients over the years. People who’ve trusted me with their events and who have always had good things to say. Here are just but a few of my amazing local and international clients: HSBC, Miss. Intercontinental, HDPL, The German Embassy, Microsoft, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Triumph International, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, Toyota, Mobitel, Nestle, Taj Hotels and Resorts, Samsung and many other local and international companies


I think humour is a great way of making a point; people love to laugh, and if they can learn something while they laugh, so much the better! My speaking sessions are filled with humour and energy as I seek to encourage you to adopt challenging perspectives.

I believe that all of us have a value that we can add to any interaction and I specialise in creating that opportunity for discussion and engagement, which ultimately leads to you walking out having learned something pivotal.

My promise as a speaker is to cultivate a mind set that propels growth, offer unique insights, and to ultimately help align professional goals with personal ones; all while helping you accept yourself and manoeuvring character strengths towards achieving success.

| Work WITH ME |

My programs are custom designed and carefully thought out in order to serve specific audience requirements. I design all the programs myself and each of the programs you see here can be tweaked to serve the specific problem area that your organisation or team faces. Get in touch with me to look at how we can make each others lives better.

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